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From Washington — 12/11/2008

After reading the posts here at this site, I feel so glad to work at my Kohl's store. My experience has been almost the complete oposite of most of the poster's. I began as a part time POS associate and within a very short period of time became an area supervisor. My manager and assistant managers work very hard, and treat the associates with respect. Yes, there is a huge push on credit...but have you been to other stores lately? It's across the board in retail. Yes, associates who perform well in credit do get more hours, but doesn't that make sense? Who would you give more hours to? The associate who by performing their job well also increases revenue, or the associate who looks at a clearly stated factor of their job with disdain? Seems like a no brainer to me. Is the job perfect, no. Anyone out there found the perfect job, yet? Right, I didn't think so. Job turnover at my store is not a real issue....but I've got to wonder, is it always the manager's fault? Seriously, we've all worked with the person who puts more time and effort in brushing their teeth, than in doing their job. If they get called on this, do they turn around and start to hustle...or are they more likely to quit in a huff and trot off to the next 'dead end job', cursing the injustice of the managers? At the end of a working day, my feet hurt, I'm tired of dealing with demanding customers and sometimes whining associates...but I also know I've done my best and with some of the nicest people I've ever, yes I like working at Kohl's.
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