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From Dallas, TX — 11/21/2008

You know, I just got off work and it wasn't the best night. I still walked away realizing what a great job I have. I am a beauty supervisor and I love it. I make good money and I have good benefits. I am under the complete realization that I am working a retail job. The hours, pay and work enviroment aren't expected to be top notch. I still love my job. I also worked for Mervyn's, so I compare them alot. I feel kohls is a great company. As a customer and an employee for two years, I am happy with where I am at. I even switched to another store this part summer and was forced to come back to my old store by a terrible manager at West Plano. I realize Monica was going to do everything to get rid of me. She didn't take care of me but the company did. I was able to stay at my position and my old store made sure I had my benefits, job and pay still. This company has proved it's self to me and I am grateful to it!
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