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From Goshen, IN — 10/14/2010

Have mostly good managers.....only a couple who are difficult to work for. I work very hard in my department on the floor, but that is all negated because I do poorly on credit applications and emails. Never worked for a company which would rather have lots of credit and didn't care much about what was done on the floor. We have a nice clean store, but it is hard work sometimes when we are short-handed in the clothing departments for cleanup and on registers where there are never enough to help customers, so people are called out of their departments. In some ways it is better that we rehang clothing and take it back to the floor. There is more cleaning when the customers do it, especially in Intimates.
Everyone, not just the POS people, are required to get credit and there are lectures when we don't. I love helping customers and giving them a positive experience and have gotten many spoken compliments, but because I am not good at selling credit and emails, I am always in trouble. Not to mention knowing that our store is not acknowledged for good service because "surveys" are not turned in by customers. (I would think our steady business would prove that people like us)
The part-time hours are never the same so not only must you schedule special events at least 3 weeks ahead, but you cannot plan a budget successfully to pay bills. Sometimes it is 20+ and sometimes it is 4. Usually we can tell though since I think they have to cut payroll toward the end of the month. It is also better for the manager when they can have new people working, since they make a lot less than the older, dependable part-timers.
I have been here 8 years and will continue unless they force me out because of credit. Even at my age (not a young person), I work very hard and sometimes it means taking a pain pill because of having Fibro. But I would not think of working less than required. I just hate credit!!!!
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