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From florida — 08/22/2010

I have been reading these reviews that everybody has posted, and I'm actually quite shocked. I understand that people don't like their job, and retail is definitely not for everyone, but almost every single person up here seems to hate their job. The benefits for a part time employee aren't spectacular, but they are damn sure better than having none at all. Everybody feels like they don't get compensated well enough, news flash if you are applying at kohls for a part time position you're obviously not ceo material or else your resume would shine and you would be making a lot more money a year. Everybody in life has the option whether or not to go to work that day and whether or not THEY are going to make the most of it. You got hired because at one time you had a big smile on your face, and a positive attitude. Don't ruin everybodys experience there because you are not satisfied in life. I personally love this company, whether the customers are great or horrible. They pay our paychecks and that is what matters. I worked really hard to get where I am, and I always put in 100% or more with whatever I dowhenever I am there. This is a business people, not burgerking.. you can't always have it your way. Great company. You truly get out what you put in.
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