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3.8Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment5

From Canton OH — 08/11/2010

Overall my experience working with Kmart was a good one! Great co-workers, friendly in store managers, good flexibilty schedule wise. Promotion is easily attainable with good work ethics. I myself got promoted after only a few months, over people who had been there a lot longer. Show up, do your job, and they will treat you like a civilized human being. In 4 years, i got raises totalling $2ph, which isnt the greatest, but isn't awful. Being in customer service, you would expect a lot of hostile customers, but by being friendly towards them, you earned that same respect back.

My biggest issue is the new DM that they hired. He has came in, and completely demoralised morale. If its not done his way, its not the right way. This type of attitude is whats hurting the company, and eventually, sadly imo, will sink it underground.
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