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From Denver, CO — 04/05/2010

I love working for Kmart. I have worked for CVS (worst experience of my life), SavOn, and Albertsons. By far KMart is the best. If you are expecting top pay or a glamorous job, then yeah, it may not be the place for you. I tell people I work for KMart and they look at me as if I work for Walmart. However, I will take that any day to have a company that respects you as a person. I have the district manager's email address, and when I send an email, it is returned in 1-2 days on average with an answer. I fixed a register myself, and was acknowledged both by the store manager and the district manager. My coworkers (even the lower level ones) are competent and friendly. The best part is that I feel safe. The security is AWESOME, especially compared to the CVS I worked at where the cameras didn't even work and the Albertsons where when a thief was asked why he traveled 30 minutes to our store to steal, he said he had heard they had the lowest securty around. So I guess if you are planning on making a few bucks from stealing from the company you work for KMart may not be the best either. It is also scary that the company doesn't seem to be doing so well during the recession...
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