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From Ft Worth, TX — 05/07/2009

I worked for KMart during the era of Antonini as CEO. Granted, that was long ago but it wasn't a bad job then. Pay stunk, started at minimum wage ($4.25hr) and was making $6.35 when I left 2 1/2 years later which is the most I have ever been raised in such a short time. Benefits were good, they even gave X-mas bonuses then plus you were paid cash all your unused sick pay days at the end of the year. The store manager could be a pain but, on the whole, he was a decent guy ans the floor supervisors were for the most part OK. The worst part was didn't get any...and for a person who had only had jobs as a bagger in a grocery store, it took time to figure out what was wanted of me...especially when I became the entire night stocking crew 3 weeks into my emplyment!

On the whole, I enjoyed my time there...I had to leave it to realize that, though.
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