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From Rockford, IL — 08/15/2010

I am 21 and have been working at Kmart since I turned 16. It is my first and only job. Overall I really enjoy my job at Kmart. I was hired in as a supervisor and customer service associate so there really isnt any farther I can go in the company except an upfront lead and that doesnt come around too often since you usually have to work there for over 10 years to get full time.

I love the people that I work with. I think that we are all more like a family. Of course there are a few people who dont get along but for the most part everyone is friendly with one another. I have many good friends whom Ive met at Kmart. I also met my boyfriend working at Kmart and we have been together for 3 years now. He doesnt work there anymore but people always ask me how he is doing. Even the managers are very friendly and nice. The only exception is the store managers. Ive had 2 since Ive been there and they are both jerks that make people cry.

They pay isnt all that great. I think they make sure you get low numbers in your yearly review so they dont have to give you too much of a raise. Ive gotten more of a raise from minimum wage going up than I ever have in company raises. The health benefits aren't that great but right now I get 2 paid vacations a year which is really really nice. This is the most secure job I will EVER have. As long as you dont steal anything or call in too much, it is VERY rare that you will get fired. The hours are really random. Especially since we now have a computer that makes the schedule so you never know how many hours you are going to get. They are really good about giving time off. As long as you put in for it 3 weeks in advance they will give it to you off.

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