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From AZ — 12/11/2009

I currently work for Kindred and I have to say I truly enjoy work for this organization. No we are not perfect we have our ups and downs like any other place. But in a time where the economy is not doing so well and hundreds of other companies are closing, laying off, or downsizing - Kindred has managed to make fiscally sound and hard decisions to keep the lay offs at a minumum. My leadership team completely supports me, and does their best to provide me the staff we need to complete our work. I have never seen such a company be such an adovacte for employees as Kindred. I have worked for other places where the CEO's do not even give the employee the time of day - I guarantee our Sr. Leadership will listen and be available to those employees. They may not always agree with the outcome, but they do listen. Kindred takes care of some of the most complex and sick patients I have ever seen. Kindred Hospitals are not easy facilities to work at but they are the most rewarding.
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