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From NJ — 07/29/2010

As a Director in one of NJ's more successful centers, I would like to say that it ALL (like anything in life) depends on which center you're at. You can have a crappy center or a stellar one. My team and I- including everyone from the cook to the district and REGIONAL directors/vice presidents- have huge hearts and take care of their people. Yes, there's pressure- but which job doesn't? Yes, there's b.s- but which job doesnt'? Yes, there are days where you HATE your job- but again, where is there 100% happy days all the time. I lead a fantastic team of dedicated ladies and couldn't ask for a better group of girls. I urge anyone who's reading this- especially if you're reading up on Kindercare as a potential employee- to research and experience the center on your own. Judge for yourself and please understand and believe me- not all the centers are the same. I'm saddened when I read these horrible reviews, and truthfully, coming on here to complain and degrade your workplace is shameful. Nothing will ever improve this way. I hope you can have the relationship I have with my district manager- a pleasant, honest, and open one- where you can share and voice your concerns in hopes of positive changes.

Yes, it's a business, Kindercare NEVER tries to deny the fact that it's a corporate-run organization. But I can tell you this much, the day-to-day interactions are on a "local" and personal level. I treat my families with utmost respect and those love them like your own.

I'm not doubting there are areas to improve on, I'm not saying it's all wonderful all the time, BUT I am saying that any judgement on a global scale is ridiculous, as there are some wonderful Kindercare's out there.

Just think about it....
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