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From Massachusetts — 12/08/2009

I have been fortunate to be with KinderCare for many years, and have had an amazing experience. I have had the great fortune of working with some fantastic people, some intelligent and savvy business people and certainly some I call my friends. This site disappoints me, for the sole purpose that you are just making yourselves look worse, we are educators! You are out there for all to see, name-calling, berating and belittling people. Shame on you!
Did you go into education to make money? Newsflash- you won't! KinderCare is a comparable wage (high in some areas) for salary- they don't set that range it is the industry. Buyers beware those offering extremely high salary ranges are trouble (you think KinderCare has turn over, ha!) Cutting hours sure- right now kids are low and families are taking lay offs (those of which you manager was desperately trying to avoid by cutting hours) and here you are complaining about having a job- go figure! The experiences you take from life are certainly what you give to them, if in fact you were miserable, I am pretty certain those around you were as well, question is; was it the company or being exposed to you? And furthermore, post after post of "years" of being miserable, claims to being there for the children- it's like parents that screamed and fought for years but stayed in it for the kids- PLEASE! You are there because it's the best- the best programs, mission and values, it's the best tuition package for school, child care discounts for your kids and the least amount of work since the corporate office does all the thinking and planning for you so that you can spend time teaching, but you have opted for complaining.
Do I think it has some bad apples, probably- but no more than you griping about it online! It isn't the company that stinks guys it's the public perception, when we are regarded as educators (better yet when you start acting like one) then you may gain the respect you think you have earned. This site is one of the many reasons we are regarded as underachievers, undereducated and below standards. I don't see any postings on this site that don't inadvertently explain why your hours were cut, you weren't liked by management and staff and why you were so miserable. You spell it out very plainly with each swear and degrading remark you make about those of us in the industry.
What an unfortunate display of humanity that your idea of revenge is this nasty site and those unwarranted comments- If thatís truly how you felt then we as coworker, manager, families and children, are glad you are gone as well!!! Best of Luck in your next venture, may you find a place more willing to tolerate your nonsense and poison!
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