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From virginia beach, VA — 11/27/2009

I have been with the company for 5 years and began as a teacher and now I am AD. I did not see any comments for 2009. I think there are many area that could be improved at many centers. The problem is that as a company becomes so large, and the chain of management is even larger. Well then a lot slips through the cracks. I could tell my story but in the end what difference would it make. I am at the crossroads and must decide if I can continue to work for Kindercare. I have always shown respect toward teachers, parents and children. As a teacher I took pride in my work, I had a wonderful class. As a program Specialist I worked with teachers. I taught Phonics and Music. All in all I felt I was making a difference. I took pride in my work and always felt dedication. As an Assistant Director I have tried to balance helping the teachers, parents and children. But as I try to do this I see that I am judged by a different set of rules. Enrollment and Financial gain, paper work and Licencing from the state and the politics of those in a position above me. Now I have reached the I continue in a job that I can't feel good about? There should be joy in any job that is related to education. Well I know who I am and the answer is no, Many at my center have made plans to leave Kindercare. These teachers love the children and are sick at heart that they are thinking about leaving. What could fix the problem? No easy answer! The good teachers are suffering under to many mandates. It seems that it is not about the children any more. I am sad but I hope that all will work out for everyone working for the good of the children.
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