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From Colorado — 11/18/2009

I'm told that the KinderCare I currently work at had some problems before I started several months ago. It seemed many of the employees were there more for the paycheck than for the children. Those individuals are no longer there, and I know that the teachers, director, and assistant director that remain are all extremely dedicated and love what they do. It's been helpful for me as both a part-time cook and part-time teacher to have so many people helping me learn what's best.

Each Kinder Care is different, so undoubtedly there will be some with problems. The one I currently work for is small, we're a family, and every teacher knows every student.

Something to look for when looking into a childcare position isn't about pay, it's about the rewards you reap outside of it. I get hugs from every child, and my co-workers and bosses genuinely care for me. If the KinderCare you work at is not this sort of community, I would suggest you ask for a transfer. It's definitely the individual centers and not the entire corporation that has problems.
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