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From Indianapolis, IN — 08/09/2009

I've been working at a Kindercare in Indianapolis for a year now. I feel like I have worked very hard to still be keeping my head above water somedays. I feel like I've trained more employees than my actual directors. I work with toddlers, so my age group brings a lot of physical challenges during my day. My co-teacher and I have grown very close and without her humor it would be even more tough, we are very lucky we work so well together. What I love most is just being with my kids and talking to the parents. Our directors are very fake on a daily basis and everyone talks about each other behind their backs. I already have a 4 year degree (Ball State 2008 grad) and they are making me do the CDA online, totally not fair. It is nice I won't have to pay for it, and I basically already know all the classwork material. If my car wasn't already payed off and I had college loans there is no way I could afford to live on my pay of $11.00 an hour. I plan on getting the CDA and then possibly looking elsewhere in the early childhood field at other competitor centers like Primrose or Goddard. For my career growth, this experience does look great on my resume if I decide to pursue teaching in elementary schools. Overall I agree with others that the corporate is corrupt and money hungry. There is no way that everyday I have time to accomplish everything for the cirriculm and I get very little respect and appreciation for my hard work. My co-teacher and I shocked everyone when the directors who came for the Companies Coming Tour awarded us that Best Room Award, and I wanted to cry because I actually felt appreciated for the whole year I've been working there. I am afraid of becoming close friends with new employees because no one knows how long they will last which is very sad. I just take every day as it comes with a grain of salt and remember I won't be there forever, and once I do leave I won't get to see the kids that I love so much either.
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