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From Gulfport, MS — 06/02/2009

Pay: I worked at the Kindercare on Dedeaux Rd for over a year. The pay is horrible, but it matches the other child care centers in the area, so you're going to get the same in any center. I think the entire company should be praising the hard-working, devoted teachers and giving them more pay, because without us you have NO CENTER. It's not the director's fault - it's all run by corporate, they make the decisions.

Respect: I found both my director and my asst. director to be VERY respectful to employees, parents, children, and each other. I actually learned a thing or two about how to deal with customers and other workers while there.

Benefits: I did not look into the benefits, but I'm sure I wouldn't be able to afford anything with the salary they pay. I worked very, very hard and at the end of the week I had about $20 left to buy groceries after I paid all my bills. I wish my salary could match my quality of work put into that center.

Job Security: I felt like my job was pretty secure. Sure it's "at will", but I didn't feel threatened that I'd be let go out of the blue at any time. I also got more hours than I wanted! We often worked 10-12 hour days. That's just part of the job, I came to realize. We are there as a team to insure each child is cared for. When we can't get off at our scheduled time it's because there are children there that need us. It's hard, b/c you think the boss is just sitting in her office while we're busting our butts, but you have to understand that she has job duties as well - her's is to run the center and ours is to care for the kids. We can't expect her to stop her duties to relieve us. Although it would be ideal for them to hire other assistants, the reality is that KinderCare is focused on the money and they don't want to pay extra for another worker. However, I don't feel like them being focused on the money effects the children at all.

Career Growth: I feel like those that are serious and have the education can very well become assistant directors and directors themselves. Sure, there's not much room for growth in the teaching area, but there are extra things you can do such as Program Specialist and extracurricular teaching such as Music and Phonics.

Location: is perfect. It's in an up and coming area of the city with lots of new residential areas and new businesses sprouting each month.

Co-workers: Basically, if you can't cope with the high stress level then you won't stay with the job. The co-workers that could cope were wonderful and knew how much energy and effort this teaching job required. The ones that were looking for an easy job did not stand up to the requirements and were therefore incompetent, but they also didn't stay long.

Work Environment: First off, the center is CLEAN. The kitchen is CLEAN and the bathrooms are CLEAN! We took great pride in the appearance of our classrooms and center! Each classroom's orginization and cleanliness was dependant on that individual teacher. We were the teachers and janitorial staff. But if you balance your day correctly you can find time to sanitize and clean the classroom. I enjoyed working with the other teachers. The "classroom shuffle" was hard and irritating to all of us teachers. We would not have enough teachers and too many kids...and we took our ratio's therefore we had to move kids around so that we were not over ratio in any class. It did frazzle us. It was probably the worst part of the job. We would plan something for our class, but suddenly 1/2 of the two's were in the three's and 1/2 of the three's were moved to the fours...and then the fours were crammed in with the afterschoolers - which worries me because I do not think they were doing any curriculum to teach those 4's and 5's that had to be bumped up. Basically, you need to be very FLEXIBLE and someone that can adapt to sudden changes.

OVERALL: This center is the best one you'll find in this area. I've worked at many - and this is the only one with curriculum that is WORTH the money. The teachers are provided with a curriculum and EVERYTHING they need to do the lessons and activities. You won't find that anywhere else around here. The playgrounds are nice and divided by age. The classrooms are fun and have great toys and learning centers. This is the only center I'd be willing to bust my butt working for b/c I believe in them.
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