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From westchester — 05/13/2009

I wanted to response to the May 5th comment. I'm a parent of a child at this location. In April, I wrote to the corporate office to complain about the director at this location. She was not a very stable person. I caught her yelling at one of her employees. Within one day a receive an answer that they would investigate my concerns. After, a week or so, the parents got a notice that the director was let go, and the assistant would be in charge until a new director was assigned. On May 5th, we received a letter stating that the Assistant director was now the director. I couldn't be happier. She and some of the employees re-decorated the entrance hall and bulletin board. The moral between the employees seem better. (My guess would be, they like the new director) Things are much more organize and less stressful.

The new employees that were hired since the beginning of the year are GREAT ASSET! They have redecorated their rooms and always have a smile on their faces.

The teacher that does all the special classes, is wonderful. Every time my child has a class with this teacher, he can't stop talking about how much fun he had. (Extra classes, cooking, math, phonics and a gym class) I have to pay extra for these, but if you have someone that cares for the children like she does, it is worth it.

I'm very pleased with this location and with all the employees at this facility.
The problems were with the OLD director not the new one!

I'm also happy with the way the corporate office handled this matter. I'm in charge of 53 employees. I always investigate, then take action. Keep up the good work!

I will recommend this location to anyone.
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