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From Illinois — 09/28/2010

I used to work at a KinderCare in the late 90s and will be returning to work at one in the next 3 weeks, after my one month resignation is up at the center I currently work at. Honestly, if you think working at KinderCare is bad then perhaps you should have my job at Celebration! Childcare (a Lutheran-run center).

In the short time I've been with Celebration!, the administration has made ZERO effort to speak nicely to me. They've expected me to be a mind-reader and have even written me up for something I totally disagree with. Not to mention, they didn't even give me a chance to correct what they felt was initially wrong or inappropriate to be begin with. (Normally, places give you a chance BEFORE writing you up.) Oh, and let's not forget about the teacher who FAILED to really address me about certain things to begin with. She never once told me not to say certain things to the kids even after she heard me say them for the first time. She never once told me not to do what I was doing just before I was written up for it by the AD.

So what's my point? My point is this: There's other daycare, childacre, preschool, early education/learning centers out there you really don't want to be working at and some are even worse than the KinderCare you're working at or have worked at.

And for those of you who complain about bethe pay, this is EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION (ECE). Of course pay will be rather low. Not to mention, KinderCares aren't the only ones not dolling out raises right now due to a poor economy and low enrollment.Celebration! has stopped doing it as well. Until further notice, raises with them are suspended.

Someone here already said that each KinderCare is different so undoubtedly there will be some with problems. And the same can be said of La Petites, Primroses, and Goddards as well. There'll also be differences in ever religious run, privately run, and home based center as well. Some will have outstanding directors and assistant directors and be run quite well and others will have terrible directors and assistant directors and be run poorly. Each center is like it's own little microcosm. You'll fit in and really like it there or you won't.

Honestly, I'd rather work at a KinderCrae right now than continue to stay where I am and be treated as rudely as they seem to be treating me.
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