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From Halifax, NS — 10/14/2006

Ok here it goes... If you have responsibility you get paid ok.. If you do anything else you get paid minimum wage. BIG DOUBLE STANDARDS!!! They tell you to do one thing, one day. Then the next how what you were told yesterday was wrong. Compared to many other building supply companies in metro we are expected to know EVERYTHING and do everyones position in the company. All because there is such a high turn over rate and everyday half the store calls in sick. The hours are pretty stupid the way they run it. 7 - 9 everyday except Sunday... SUNDAY 9-5... Other then the laziness of the managers, the terrible state of our sales. EVERYTHING ELSE IS GREAT?!? OK the benefits are good and the only way to get fired is to steal stuff... And not just petty stealing only large amounts of it! And when i say that managers suck it also depends on which managers are above you some at the Halifax store arent too bad.
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