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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth2
Work Environment4

From Atlantic Canada — 10/01/2007

Pay - rate of pay sucks. Experience here means nothing at all.

Respect - some of the management respects the staff some don't. It seems the higher up the management gets (at the store level) the less respect they have for the staff. I have personally met Mr Irving and Mr Valcourt and they are both amazing people with nothing but respect for their employees. We need this level of respect at the store level also.

Benefits - the benefits are great - once you've been with the company for a full year. This is too long to wait for benefits for any company. Once the probationary period is over benefits should kick in.

Career potential - the growth possibility is there - BUT only if you are willing to kiss ass. I have never seen anyone move up to a management positions without a LOT of ass kissing.

Work environment - overall not bad. Safety is VERY important to this company. The death of a young worker a few years ago insured that. Now things are very strictly run when it comes to safety.

Co-worker competence - what is that? lol. Overall not bad. It is very hard to have competent staff though when you don't want to hire staff. That leaves the remaining staff there to make up for others which is not fair to anyone.

Overall not a bad place to work. A lot of people go back again after leaving. If they had better management they may not leave in the first place.
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