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Job Security2
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth3
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From mansfield — 02/08/2009

I have worked for Kelly Services for (off and On) 6 months now. I find them very supportive, and the best temporary service I've ever worked for. I got nice pay on my first temp to hire position, but the economy cost me my job. The clients were all terrific to me and the training at the sites good to excellent. I don't recieve benefits but I see they have benefit and reward programs on their web site. Like all temp agencies the job security isn't very good. The job (in this economy) is either there or it isn't, and even the best professionals in the business can't predict durations of the job based on this economy. The kelly staff seems to try to get me what I want in a life balance kind of way. The positions have all been within a half hour drive, and all on 1st shift so far, but if you're going the temp route you have to be available all shifts and weekend's and you may have to settle for something less than you like. Growth in career isn't likely unless you can be lucky enough to be placed in a temp to perm position with a solid company and get hired in. Coworker cometence is 50-50 no matter where I've ever worked and this company no different. My first company had solid trustworthy people, and my second company I was very doubtful of.(Kelly Co-workers). The work envirnments so far are way better than any other temp organization I've ever worked for! Kelly is still the best temp agency I've ever worked for.
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