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From Camp Buehring, Kuwai — 11/08/2008

I refueled helicopters at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, for one year from July 06 to August 07. All things considered, it was not a terrible job. Yes, there was some incompetence, and yes, there were lots of complaints about the supervisors. However, the job (usually) managed to get done, no one was injured, and I was paid the correct amount each month. Yes, you work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, but from what I've seen, you get PLENTY of downtime in most jobs so that you're not exhausted when you get off. I lived in a container (two 6x10 rooms, shared bathroom in the middle), which wasn't bad at all, especially considering that most Army personnel lived in tents. If you come into this job expecting to be pampered (or even to be treated well), you're going to be disappointed. The commenters who suggested the way to do this job was to "keep your head down and do your job and YOUR JOB ONLY" were offering good advice - unless, of course, you prefer to kiss ass and move up the ladder. Every situation is different, of course, and you just might end up with a highly competent chain of command - but it's not likely. Most of the people working for KBR are former military, and the majority of those who have moved up advanced from within because they knew someone else. There is A LOT of back scratching over there, and if you want to move up, you're going to have to do A LOT of scratching yourself. However, if you simply want to collect ~$7k in tax free money a month with no living expenses for a year, just do your job and don't give them a reason to fire you and you'll be fine. Oh, and if you have prior Army experience, you will know about what to expect. All in all, it's not a bad job, but you have to play the game. Actually, I'm leaving in 11 days for another round, and I'm hoping to find myself in a position where I can advance WITHOUT kissing (too much) ass.
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