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From IRAQ — 03/10/2008

The pay is great and if you are a American, the tax break is really great.

The benefits, basically this is a project not a career so don't expect a US style benefits package.

You work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and sometimes many more depending on your job. If you have low tolerance for long working hours stay in your retail job.

Respect is part of the project mantra, "dignity and respect". But this really is determined by the character of individuals and not the Corporation itself. Some people here are great. Some are not. The people who adapt best are ex Military guys. Hey we already knew what to expect. We have a lot of different cultures and Nationalities here. Generally everyone works well together. You don't have to be best friends. Sex, if you are very lucky. There are very few females here and most are partnered up soon after hitting base. If you have a SUV, phone, and a KBR computer you probably can get a female too. If not forget about it. I have worked with some great guys here, and a few I would rather have not met also.

Location/environment: Iraq. I like Iraq and as a driver since 2004 have seen most of Iraq and all the big bases. If you hire into a fob job (you will be know as a fobbit), you will stay on the fob and see nothing else. You may never meet a Iraqi. At KBR only the truck drivers travel outside the bases. It is the coolest part of being a driver. Hot in the summer, and yes cold in the winter. Dusty, dry desert environment. If you like the southwestern US, you will like Iraq. If you like a cool green environment stay somewhere else.

If you are thinking of joining KBR leave questions in the comments and someone will offer a opinion. Know that we are currently in logcap3 and logcap starts in Sept. KBR is losing most of the current contract. No one really knows what the project will look like after this summer. The work KBR does now will be split among 3 companies. But it has been fun and a adventure and I will miss it when I am back in Texas. There are several active websites and yahoo groups for ex-contractors on the web. I hope everyone who reads this finds them and we can keep a community network going long after the project. Many of us drivers are already planning reunions, sorta like HS or military units do.
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