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From North Florida — 07/03/2010

What everyone else said.

I was terribly disappointed with my experience as an admissions counselor. When I interviewed, I understood I would be counselor offering guidance and advise to non-traditional degree programs. Instead, I was trained to persuade mostly unsophistated students (with access to Stafford Student Loans) to sign-up for degrees that cost anywhere from $38,000 to $80,000 give or take a couple grand.

While it's illegal to use the word quota, Keiser expects counselors to achieve monthly "goals". I was responsible for contributing a certain percentage of the budget by recruiting (telephone soliciting) and closing "leads". Yes, I said lead. If one is not lucky with leads (distributed by the whim of management or the receptionist who might not like you), then one will not meet the goal. That's when things become outrageous.

I've seen intelligent, sensitive adults with advanced degrees humiliated and ridiculed openly by their superiors. The disrespect is rampant unless they like you. Some counselors don't produce the numbers, but manage to avoid threats because of factors only controlled by DNA. I'd be surprised if there hadn't been quite a few lawsuits settled on DL, because I've seen rights violated and abused.

I stuck it out foolishly thinking I was actually making a difference in people's lives. Not true. I finally connected the dots and realized that students were being saddled with debt while preparing for careers that may not offer them much more than the fast food job they already have.
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