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From Detroit, MI — 05/16/2008

I worked for Keane from 1990 to 2000. Actually I started working for AGS, which was acquired by Keane. The branch I worked at "HAD" an excellent manager and administrative supervisor. Once Keane took over, things changed. It seemed that Keane's motto was "Our way or the highway". I played the game and kept all "MY" clients satisfied, so much so that they never wanted me to move onto other assignments. But I was always wanting to experience new things.
Finally, I was laid off (fired) because I was reluctant to take an assignment in downtown Detroit, some 50 miles and a hard commute from my home. I took out of town assignments and pretty much everything that was thrown my way. My performance reviews were impeccable and they couldn't outright fire me.
In hindsight, they did me a big favor. I have been at my new job for eight years now and am greatly appreciated by my coworkers, manger and most of all my clients.
My branch manager at Keane was also let go. Probably because he cared too much about his staff. Despite Keane, we maintained a tight knit caring group of members at the Detroit branch.
Then there was this female manager that came from Grand Rapids and took over for the Detroit branch. I started to be harassed by the clients at Meritor, the branch personnel manager and project manager for being too slow and too thorough.
Getting back to my original branch manager, he even came on site and told me to keep my nose clean and do whatever it took to stay on my current assignment. I found out later that he knew I was on a list of employees being targeted for dismissal.
Due to lack of work, I was released from that project and wound up on the bench. A couple of weeks later I was let go. I even heard the personnel guy talking on the phone saying that there was nothing in my performance review that could justify firing me. Hence I was "laid off" due to a lack of assignments.
Well, like I said, they did me a favor. I am very happy where I am now and am a critical staff member.
By the way, Keane is now pretty much gone. This seems to happen to all companies where I had been mistreated.
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