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From Bangalore, Karnataka — 09/02/2010

I worked for Keane for about 9 months in Bangalore and I want to give you my honest opinion. I got a job at Keane after recession and got into here.

Keane is a sort of company where in when u come to office you WONT come here to work but you come here to be a part of family called as the Keane family!. Yes the people here will make u feel at home and real cool guys and girls here .The Managers at Keane are kind-hearted and know the fact that even an Employee is after -all a Friend !.

In Keane you will find lots of Good projects and a fresher and a mid-level employee can learn a lot !. And of-course you will learn the Keane way - which is....Lots of Eat outs in Hotel, Lots of Birth day celebrations, Lots of festivals, Lots of movies and of course Lots of Parties.!

People are fun here and kind hearted.

I thank keane for the best time I had here.

Now about the downsides, They pay a slight bit less than the industry standards. BUT, Keane is located in the City so you will have the petrol costs of going to E-CIty or Bellundur or White field.

OVERALL, I rate Keane as one of the best times of my career where I really miss the people who made u feel like you are at Home in Office (Which is a rarity these days isnt it)?.

For any Fresher I recommend Keane, you will learn the inns and out of Software Business......but with a pinch of fun .
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