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From San Antonio, TX — 09/18/2010

I worked for this companyt for 7 years, I would have stayed working with the company if they had not made so many changes which seemed negative and to bring moral in the work enviroment down. I liked what I did and the people that I worked with and for, I felt like our company really did make some valuable changes in peoples lives and I really valued that. I didn't however like the favortism that went on throughout the company and being passed on positions because I was not the "likeable" worker. I had my friends throughout the company, managers, supervisors, etc but I was not a brown noser and thats who they wanted as team leads, sups, etc. It was irritating to try and get an answer from someone who had been working there for only 1 month who is now in charge versus someone who had been working there years and was still considered a peon. The company is good, don't get me wrong. They do a lot for their community but I don't think they value their employees as much as they should. They have a fund that is suppose to help their employees in a time of need and when that time came for me they told me I was not "in need" to the point where I could get the assistance. I am happy since I left, I miss my friends and the pay, but other than that, nothing else.
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