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From Ft Lauderdale FL — 01/11/2010

I was an employee with Kaplan University for almost 3 years. I have to admit that during the time I was there, they made many improovments to the quality of employment. They are a Washington Post company, so i recieved all of the Washington Post benefits. The new compensation plan includes student retention rates so even if you were the best sales person in the world, if you did not use integrety in order to assist a student into the school, them dropping out would hurt your salary potential. I managed to maintain a pay of 55k per year. Yes, this is based on a review that happens twice per year. Honestly though, anyone who was running a business will not want to pay an employee more than they deserve. If an employee worked overtime, they HAD to report it to payroll. Employees report thier own time, so there is no way for management to deny them overtime pay.
This job is not for everyone. I am the kind of person who deals well with deadlines and am efficient in how I work, so this position was perfect for me. If I encountered an issue one week, my ADOA woud sit down with me an coach me on things I could do to help things through. If anyone was caught using a cellphone to call a student, they were fired on the spot. Kaplan could loose thier accreditation or Title IV funding if they were to be audited and these things were found. They do not in any way condone any behaviour that could put the entire school at risk.
They do require a degree in order to move up into management and because of that they have begun to offer free tuition to all employees (given you maintain a 3.0 GPA).
I would strongly recomment this company to anyone who works well under pressue and is strong in their integrity. The only reason I quit is because I just had twins with medical issues and I need to be at home with my new family.
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