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From OREGON — 02/24/2010

The Pay is okay. Keep in mind that if you put in extra hours and work your butt off you won't be looked at for a promotion. If you do NOTHING and walk around and let everyone else do the work for you... you get promoted. They don't expect you to come in early and stay late, work weekends and such... but if you don't you won't get everything done. There is no accountability in any department. People don't follow through. It makes it impossible to do your job when other departments won't respond. It seems the less you do the further you will go. There are people who are simply clueless and shouldn't be in the jobs they have. KP won't get rid of them. It is frustrating!! There is no worklife balance. Thrive is for our members... not us. They want us to feel free to speak our minds but EVERYONE is scared to speeak their mind because we don't want to have the black mark by our name. Most of us need our jobs. They seem to get rid of the good employees and promote the dumbnuts. Not to mention most of the new hires the last 12 months have been from one of our biggest competitors! I was thinking the issues were with my dept. but it doesn't look like it is just mine. I once loved my job here at KP. I am hoping I will again. I am a strong KP believer and know that we are better than this. We just need to boot the bad managers out and promote the people who deserve it. The management is dishonest and sneeky. I don't trust them... not many people do. No one's job is secure. Sad. Very Sad.
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