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From Roseville,Ca — 09/24/2009

There has been a huge expansion at the Roseville Medical Center with no additional hires. I work in Radiology and people are often placed in isolated areas with no help. There is no teamwork there is only you to handle a high patient load. Other areas of the hospital are the same. I have walked over to the Women and Childrens center on the weekend to do a portable x-ray, and there are patients in rooms but the desk is empty. There is no staffing at certain nurses stations. We have become very disfunctional in the area of communication. More than half the orders we get are incorrect. This is in part due to a terrible Health Connect system we are stuck with. It seems we are given new repetative documentation to do every day. We have become so focused on passing Joint Commission and knowing all the rules that simply taking care of patients is taking a back seat.
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