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From San Marcos, ca — 09/14/2009

I am a "temporary employee" hired by a staffing agency. I therefore get paid $2 per hour less than everyone else who does the same job as me, and I am given no benefits, which is great for Kaiser, terrible for me. Also being a temp means if someone is to get laid off, it will be me first, even if I'm doing the best job. I love the hours and the location, very close to my home and I'm given a lot of breaks. I find that my co-workers who are "real" kaiser employees get let off the hook for everything, when the work is below standard, I get punished and threatened, even though I kick butt everyday. It's pretty harsh and probably can't be tolerated for a long period of time. I've been there over 1 1/2 years, can't take it much longer.
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