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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance3
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From Burbank, Ca — 05/04/2009

The pay and benefits are excellent. However, the management in Small biz account Management at the Burbank location is the worst I have ever experienced; simply discribed as Cruel and stupid. I have great respect for most of my peers within my department and I have a very high opinon of people within other sections of account managment such as Labor & Trust and Large market. Right now Job sercurity is up for grabs. Hard to say at this point with the economy being what is it. Work/ life balance is lip service. too many hours without relief and if you complain, it falls on deaf ears. Managment won't do jack to make positive changes and Kaiser's human resources department is a joke. The only way to obtain a career oppertunity in small business is to kiss the ass of the manager. Be very careful of the Passive / agressive games. Location is ok. With the exception of one co-worker, my peers are great. Very competent. However, the other one is a back stabbing, pyscho snake. The work enviroment is good. Over all with the exception of the managegment, Kp is a great company to work for but they really need to improve on who is choosen for management positions. They should have competence examines for managment. Account Managers have to take competence tests to advance, the same should be done for members of management.
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