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From sacramento californi — 05/05/2008

We get regular questionaires we can fill out that ask us what would make our job better I believe these ideas are implemented a lot of the time. We have many avenues we can use to vent if we have any issues about the job, including an anonymous line. These is flexibility for those in crisis and managment does their best to accomodate vacations. You realy have to go to far to get fired from this job, like sleeping through your shift and bragging about it regularly. Most of the trouble we have with eachother can be handled by managment, private counseling that is available, or the peer pressure to get the job right for the sake of patient care. As a team, I think we are motivated to turn out a quality product because we care about the patients and this is where we go for health care also. There is plenty of potential for growth, but you won't be motivated by pay or job security, I think a lot of us feel there is not a big compensation for taking charge, and the company holds the leaders to higher standards. I don't see a scramble of people trying to climb the ladder of success her as I have at other facilities. I can't say this is the ideal environment to work in. I work in a sterile environment. There are no windows. My facility is one of the older ones so we are more cramped. I could transfer to a newer kaiser where they have modern interior design and made emplyee comforts such as te gym more attractive. I opted to keep a three day per week position but I get a regular 40 hour work week. More or less hours are available to me at any time. I can even sign up to work at other Kaiser facilities. I have worked regularly at two other Kaisers and some of their workers work with me now.
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