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From Staten Island, NY. — 01/17/2010

It takes 3 office personnel to make 1 simple decision and repairs and problems are fixed slowly if at all. Both the vessel and office personnel are usually nice but if you tried to run a small business the way this one is ran you would be out of business in a month. This company needs to have more structure and operate with a clear chain of command. I work on the vessel and at times when secured to the dock we will have three office personnel come to the vessel barking orders. It would be better if they had one single point of contact for the vessel and that person would have the authority and funds to fix problems without having to worry about someone second guessing them 2 hours latter.

The insurance is the best I've seen.

The union for the east coast is a complete failure. They don't accomplish anything except bring down the the pay wages for the top performers at the company and encourages laziness in its employees.

I stick around for the even time schedule, the great insurance and for the hope that things will be streamed-lined soon.
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