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From Staten Island, NY. — 09/07/2010

I guess there are a big difference between K-Seaís East Coast and West Coast Operations. I worked out of the Staten Island office for 3 years and didnít experience a fraction the problems that has been written for the West coast. The office personnel werenít pricks and most of them were actually nice guys just doing a difficult job. I think the command structure could have been more direct. We defiantly should have received supplies and replacement parts faster and in shorter intervals. But that being said, a lot of companies are having a hard time since the oil transportation market slowed down. I quit when the boats started getting cold stacked because lack of work and people were being sent home. If I had more seniority, I might have stuck around. The grass isnít always greener on the other side and if you donít believe me check out K-Sea East Coast competition on JobVent, McAllister Towing and Brouchard Transportation. I think getting unemployment benefits would be better then working for those two clown outfits.
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