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From baltimore, md — 03/16/2010

LOL my experience with this place called k- mart has been one BIG JOKE and all from the beginning. ive been working for kmart here in baltimore for the last past 10 months, and iam still making minimum wage. when i was offered the job, i were told that i would begin at minimum wage, but by the time i actually started the job i would be making an additional $1.50 cents for working the 4am-8am shift. what a crock! ive never received that shift diff and never will. this is the worse place ive worked in all my life, and i mean that dearly. i mean who is going to stick around and work for a company that will never give, and have no plans of giving anyone a pay raise. i actually work with people now who have not received a pay raise in about 2-3 years and longer for some others lol wtf. oh and dont let me speak on the massive rodent problem they have in the store my god mice get into everything in there its sickening, and someone needs to call the health department stat. i mean you have to deal with egotistical maniacs, an enornous rodent problem, horrible pay, and no recognition whatsoever all for $7.25 an hour I THINK NOT. iam clearly not at this shameful awful place by choice you better believe as soon as my new apt comes through kmart can kiss my assets if you know what i mean. please people do not work for these people ever. if youre desperate and need a paycheck, i would recommend fast food anytime and anyday before this hell hole.
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