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From Maryland — 12/10/2008

I worked for JCI as part of their York division, so I can't speak for any of the other JCI components. It was a good job. Everyone was nice. The managers seemed to sincerely care about the employees. I wouldn't say management was especially effective, but they worked harder and longer hours than anyone else there, and it could have been much worse. I would tend to blame the higher level managers more than the lower level managers as far as effectiveness goes because there was definitely a feeling that the upper guys would make stupid decisions to appease their bosses who didn't understand the business and it all fell down on those of us below. Where I worked was disastrously underfunded as far as investment in technology. We used a computer system from the dark ages that barely worked and yet was almost irreplaceable because of the huge cost of updating almost the whole company because everyone would need to be updated at once. The result was that work that should take minutes or hours would take days. I can't believe that a company that was so inefficient actually made money. The company as a whole seems to have almost no leadership program or setup to develop future managers, and it showed a lot in the people I would meet when other managers would come to visit our dept, so I wouldn't be surprised if they took a turn for the worse in the next decade. I worked 8 hour days. Everyone in my dept had their own cubicle. Can't complain about the benefits or salary.
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