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From Moline, IL — 05/13/2009

Please note while reading these reviews, that some reviews may be left by Union employees, and others by non-Union employees, which have very different jobs and conditions. I can speak to the salaried (non-Union) situations. Pay is very competitive, and was actually higher for me coming out of college than many offers I received in Chicago (add cost of living to that, and its very impressive). The respect issue varies with location. Although there are many that are in a "this is the way we've always done it" mentality, these employees have been with the Company many years, and there are also many newer employees that will be moving into those positions upon retirement that embrace change. Benefits are as good if not better than similar jobs and similar industries, no complaints (again, this is from the salaried side.) I cannot explain how great the work-life balance is at Deere. Being an accountant, there are many companies that you could go work for that require a 70-90 week plus an hour commute each way, with the possibility of having to work at home and every weekend. At Deere, there might be a 50 or 60 hour week every once in awhile, but even with that, there is a 10 minute or so commute and you have the freedom to come in earlier. They are also very mindful of family obligations and will work with you to make sure you can make them. The career growth potential is also very strong, as many will be retiring in the next 5 years and will need younger employees to fill those spaces.
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