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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment3

From Midest Region,Iowa and Illinois — 01/07/2009

Great pay and fringe benefits, salaries and bonuses are outstanding. Great opportunities for new hires, college grades albeit don't expect much training. Get tagged a "high potential" and watch your career soar along with your pay. Perception is everything at Deere.If you hire in as a mid career from the outside, very difficult to crack the good old boy network, few do, many leave. All of the top positions are reserved for the good old boys. In fact highest turnover is midcareers hired from the outside. Deere culture is inbred,if it wasn't invented at Deere, well...not accepting of people who are not like them. Lots of lazy people making big money. Work life balance, fantastic! That's because no one works a 40 hr work week! Promote change in this company or put people to work and your career prospects end quickly. Deere talks alot about the "how". What this means is you do very little, passively come to work, don't challenge anyone to do something different or push them out of their comfort zone, especially if you are a manager,lots of politics. Deere does not deal with low performers, we have plenty of dead wood.Diversity, we hire minorities but very few are in upper level positions. Strategically placed minorities in the front office to give the perception the company is diverse. Great place for women of late, that's Deere's idea of diversity, they are fast tracking alot of women many of whom are average performers. Location, out of the Quad Cities, Moline, Illinois, most locations are out in the boonies. Be luck to get an expat assignment and there are opportunities.
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