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From Glenview — 02/21/2010

Anyone that was hired before the mid 1990's under the old union contract are in great shape. Unfortunately anyone hired within the last 10 years are screwed. I can no longer recommend Jewel as a good company to work for. Promotions are extremely political and the job bidding process is a joke. I know one manager that only liked employees that were willing to work off the clock. If you clocked out 15 min late you were labeled as a 15 min violator. The yearly performance reviews are another joke. They basically spend no more than 10 min to grade you on the entire year of work. Morale at the store level is really bad. They keep cutting hours for part timers and there is really not enough help to serve the customer. Jewel is not the same company it used to be, it has gotten much worse. There is no more loyalty towards the tenured employees, the company views them as a burden instead of an asset. Management would love to get rid of anyone with 20 or more years with the company so they can replace them with cheap help and reduced benefits.
The only thing that is protecting us now is UFCW local 881.
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