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From UT — 02/09/2010

I totally agree with the all of the negative statements on this website. I am a consultant, and I 100% agree that training provided to CD's, PD's, and consultants is lacking quite a bit of structure. But I must say, compared to all of the reviews on here, the team we have in my centre is amazing. The girls are very understanding of others needs and my CD tries her hardest to protect us from our evil Market Directors and their ignorant ways. I guess I got lucky. My market director had to cover for a consultant because she had the flu, and she set us back almost an hour on a full book of clients. Our lobby was completly full with people becasue she spent an hour with one client (we are supposed to spend 10 min. with them). This job has taught me two things, 1) Corporate sucks, 2) Never say you don't know and never ask a question, just make some thing up...
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