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From CO — 01/27/2009

Corporate careers are not for everyone- some people prefer the intimacy of a mom n pop organization. I have been with Jenny Craig for over 4 years and I say with confidence that I work for one of the best companies in North America. With over 600 centres worldwide and thousands of employees, their task of creating consistency, balance, and client success in every location would be challenging for any organization. Benefits are competitive with other similar-sized companies, if not better. Pay is what you make of it. Every employee at JC has the ability to write their own paycheck- be forewarned, you must possess the ability to drive your paycheck. The sky is truly the limit, and the x- factor is you. The environment at my centre is warm and friendly most of the time. We all have the common bond that we are there to help people. People that don't include their heart in every client they interact with at JC will not succeed. We are changing lives. We aren't able to change everyone, but we give hope, we change behaviors and we extend life expectancy for a whole lot of people. Until you sit across from someone and they tell you, "You saved my life", you just don't understand. We don't cold call, we care call to existing clients. We don't try to entice people by exagerating hourly pay, we explain how compensation is broken down in greater detail when someone is truly interested in saving lives. We have our inter-office issues and occassional dispute just like every other work environment in the world. But at Jenny, it's different. We have one of the most supportive corporate structures, from operations to training to human resources, to help our employees have balance and all the resources necessary to be not just good, but great at their jobs. If you're just looking to collect a paycheck twice a month, don't apply. Same goes for the lazy and heartless.
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