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From wisconsin — 12/06/2008

I have worked for Jenny Craig as a consultant for 12 years and I love it! The clients for the most part are wonderful people trying to change their lives and I can help them do that. It's a wonderful feeling. Of course I sell things, it's a business after all, but I believe in the program and our products. They work. I help clients see how using them can help them lose weight. Every product serves a purpose and can help a client lose weight. The food serves a purpose and using it correctly helps a client lose weight. I help clients see how using our products and following our menus is a very effective way to lose weight and teaches them in the process how they can manage their weight when they reach their goals. Our meals are portion controlled and it is the only way some clients can limit what they eat in the beginning. If clients could lose weight on their own, they would, but they come to us for help and we help them. We hold them accountable, something that's very valuable to clients. We are dealing with long-term bad eating habits with our clients and of course it's difficult for them, but it is very rewarding and challenging to guide and encourage them to be able to reach their goals. I think consultants must have some life experience of overcoming something difficult in their own lives (not necessarily weight loss) so that they can stress to clients that any life change is hard and being patient and persistent will pay off. Consultants are actually "selling" the client on self-efficacy. We are motivators. We change lives. Our clients believe in us and in turn, themselves. It is a great feeling to go to work every day and know that we are making a difference. I may be the only person on any given day that says something positive to a struggling client. It's a big responsibility and one that I love! I change lives!
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