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From CO — 08/01/2007

I have worked at Jenny Craig for two years and I love my job. I began as a consultant and am now a Centre Director. Like any job there are set backs with Jenny Craig. Their benefits are not great (but they are also very inexpensive and at least they offer them), the pay is average, but really fluctuates on your abilities and the position. As a consultant in a pretty low deposit Centre I made between $11 and $14 per hour. I was happy with this b/c we had a laid back fun atmosphere, I was helping women make positive changes in their lives, and for the most part my co-workers were enjoyable. The truth is that this is the type of job where you get to decide how you feel about it. If you go in with a negative attitude, you complain about everything from the dress code to the pay then yeah you're going to be unhappy. I am happy and my staff is very happy. We work together, have fun, make an impact, and make money. And anyone that says the program doesn't work was obviously a poor consultant. I have seen over fifty clients to their goals. I have had over five clients pass their 100 pound weight loss mark. Like any program clients quit, cheat, and get bored, but that is their choice. I am a very healthy active person and I do not follow the program because I know how to do it on my own, but a lot of people don't. And any change in the right direction is a poisitve one. I do not doubt that there are unhappy people at Jenny Craig and each Centre is different. But I have stuck with the Company and I have my own Centre now and it is what we've made it to be.
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