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From Indiana — 09/10/2009

I love JC Penney's and I feel it is a great place to work. If you are a cheerful person, which I am, you will fit right in!

Managers are very respectful and use positive reinforcement at every chance. They give out discount certificates as rewards to employees for good customer service. They very frequently feed employees subs, sandwiches, catered meals, etc during the holiday season. They often give out gift cards. We received a gift card at Thanksgiving last year for $10 at the local grocery store to help out with our Thanksgiving dinners.

There always seem to be some employees who were not grateful for these measures that management took to make us feel appreciated. Some employees try to find something wrong with every nice gesture offered to them. To be happy here, you have to be the kind of person who is really responsive to positive reinforcement and who takes it to heart and believes that they are being reinforced for a job well done (and not misconstrue it as lip service). Some people are highly responsive to positive reinforcement and really feel good about it and other people somehow take it as a negative thing...those people maybe are instead motivated by money or by having fun with their coworkers at work?

Anyways, I love it here. It seems like people either love it or they hate it. They either thrive here or wilt here. It is just a matter of what motivates you and what your priorities and preferences are in a job. There are some jobs that I have had that others LOVED but which I hated. It is just a personality thing.

Oh, the benefits are really good. And the work/life balance if highly rated too, coming in at #3 in the Nation in some recent polls I have found.
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