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From NJ — 09/04/2009

Pay was not very good, I was promoted from within to management, other managers I know received a higher pay when they came from outside. Raises were almost nonexistant unless you count the 1 or 2 percent.

Respect..ha what is that, you are expected to be on call all day every day forget about your family, vacations or any other days off! As a manager you are expected to have the studio covered at all times, normally this is not a problem but if you have an employee get sick you need to cover their shift no matter what. If someone is a no call no show you are supposed to be psychic and know ahead of time and show up to work. Upper management sucks! They disrespect you whenever they can putting you down for everything and never praising you when you do a good job or deserve it, I worked my ass off for absolutely no respect. Luckily many of my customers were respectful, I did have many regulars that would only come in when I was working.

I must say the only thing that kept me with the company for so long was the benefits, although the benefits are really only good if you are a full time employee, as a part time employee they only offer a health and wellness plan. but for full time you get full benefits and ESOP which is your stock in the company.

Job security...NONE!!!! I worked for this company for almost 9 years, moved my first studio up almost 2 volumes in 2 years, was transfered and didn't do as well. A new DM came in, didn't like me and did everything she could to get rid of me.

Work/Life bablance: you will never have a life again, you are required to work 40 hours a week, you ALWAYS end up working more than that, the company wants to save on labor so more often than not you are working alone with too many appointments. Maybe if they stopped scheduling appointments on the hour you are supposed to close at night they could save on labor. They boast about being a family oriented company but they could care less about you and your family! I was pregnant and out of work in the hospital for two days and was asked to step down because I could obviously no longer handle my job. Mind you I covered my shifts from the emergency room.

Career Potential/ Growth : unless you want to be married to your job there really isn't any

Work Environment : TERRIBLE! Many days you have customers screaming at you because you couldn't get their bratty kids to give you the perfect smile meanwhile they won't listen to mom so what makes her think they will listen to you?! I've been spit at, kicked and hit and completely disrespected. Then you're expected to upgrade everyone's $7.99 portrait package to a $200 collection and they give no quality time in the camera room or to actually do a sale.
Needless to say I couldn't be happier since I left the company!
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