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From scranton pa — 03/18/2009

JCPenney has been a wonderful place to me over the past three years. I started out in high school and now am in college and I love working there. It amazes me that people are complaining about the hours they had to work.... its RETAIL, its what you signed up for. They sound like the typical associates who "dont want to work nights or weekends". I am always valued for my contributions. On top of a 20 or 25% associate discount there are many opportunities to win $5 off coupons and a numerous amount of company gift cards throughout the year. The pay is what average retail pay is in my area.

There is the occasional associate(s) who will talk about you behind your back but the sad truth is thats how they are as a person, its not JCPenney's fault. One complaint I would make though is that the management is very slow in reacting to problem associates (those that show up late or never show up at all and take advantage of everyone and everything).

And of course it is going to be a stressful place to work, come on, you wait on hundreds of people per day around the holidays and are expected to cater to everyones needs (thats what customer service is, lets not forget....)

My overall evaluation of this company is good and most likely you will enjoy the fun you will have with other associates. If you actually plan your future out the management is very good with helping you achieve your goals. Division managers are only required a high school degree whereas everyone else higher up in the company must have at least a college degree.

If your a hard worker and actually like interacting with people, go for it! If your an anti-social lazy slug only looking for the pay, you best look elsewhere, this job will KILL you.
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