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From Troy, MI — 03/07/2009

I want to start off by saying, I love my job. I have worked for other companies before, but Lifetouch is a true ESOP company. First off, ESOP is employee stock owndership program, this means the employees actually own the company. There is no owner earning the profits, but we are. They do now pay overtime, but it is discouraged and it should be. If you are a good manager and can actually train your associates and grow your business, you should have no problem finding the labor hours to give to your above average photographers. The pay could always be better, but it's more than the last company paid me. I believe we have a great support system. I do have my complaints as well, but all together the opportunity for growth (which is very possible with dedication) because the company has a program now where they try to hire within first for next level opportunities. They hold a yearly territory meeting where they fly you to another city and put you up in a Hilton for the night with great meals and an awesome performance in motivation. I believe a career is what you make it and apparently these people complaining did not have the tools to succeed or they just chose not to use them.
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