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From Houston, TX — 09/30/2010

I've worked for Jason's Deli for 5 1/2 years. I started as an Operational Manager, then got promoted to Catering Manager and then promoted again to a Sales Manager. Like anything or anywhere else it has had it's good days and bad, but the thing is that they have these "Core Values" (1. Great Place to Work 2. Give Out of This World Service 3. Healthy Growing Company 4. Highest Quality Food 5. Highest Personal Standards) and I found that (as cheesey as it sounds) that if I buy into them and apply them and try to make them all work then it was contagious and my coworkers and employees would buy into them and apply them. I've had some really awesome and rewarding times with the people I've worked with and I've met a lot of really awesome people in this company. Cheesey stuff aside...when my daughter passed away people all over the company (nation wide) including the owners pitched in to help with my daughter's funeral services and to help move me back home to Texas. And then a fund was setup for employees to donate to help out employees all over the company who encounter personal crisis. That kind of compassion in any one person, let alone and huge corporation, is sooooo rare. As long as they'll have me I will work for Jason's Deli.
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