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From california — 09/19/2008

i worked at jamba for over 5 years. and i am a true example that there is career potential/growth in the company. i started off as a team member and worked my way up to general manager.

pay was ok, but not great. you could make good money if you busted your a$$ and hit your bonuses every quarter. considering it was mandatory 50 hour work weeks as the manager work/life balance sucked. prior to being the manager my work/life balance was good. respect, i felt like i received respect from the higher management...i had a great district manager that gave me a lot of guidance, so that helped. benefits were pretty good too, considering that most jobs now a days don't give you much. job security...well if you did your job well then you didn't have to worry (i never did), but if you slacked or let your store underperform then there was reason to worry, although i knew a lot of managers that did nothing & their stores were crappy but they never got fired. as for co-worker competence, most of my co-workers knew their jobs...but it was a matter of if they did it or not. when i was a team member i felt like i had been well trained & so had my co-workers, so everyone knew what to is the key, and i must say that the training at jamba has gotten a lot better, but it's still not perfect. work environment was great. i loved the smell in the store from fresh squeezed orange juice.

overall i'm glad that jamba was my first real job. i had some great bosses that really instilled a good work ethic in me. i don't know how much has changed since i left, but i hope that since their stock became public they haven't changed too much. part of the appeal to jamba was that it wasn't corporate, but now it is...too bad. i would probably still be working there except i decided that i actually wanted to see my family.
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