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From Atsugi — 05/21/2010

Dearest People,

Please do enlighten me. A week ago, I have submitted my application as an "ENGLISH Teacher", and as expected they gave instructions with vague details. Such as asking me if I can attend the interview in Atsugi the day after that, but apparently, they know am not in Japan yet which makes it impossible to say yes.

ALso, I am confused about the websites they gave to lodge the visa application is for real. Usually, like here we have accredited agencies who will process your working visa, but I am not sure if it is possible if I will lodge mine outside of my country.

Is JALSS a legal company?
How do they define the visa sponsorship they say? Because as far as I can understand, it is not sponsorship at all if all efforts are from me.
Do they pay it right or is there some hocus pocus?

Thank you so much.
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